The Satavisha Initiative

School childrenSatavisha Social Welfare Trust is working to better the lives of people in rural Murshidabad, West-Bengal, India. Satavisha shares the belief that general development in society is efficiently helped by empowering women, as women are family oriented. That means that by helping a woman, mostly the whole family is helped. This is, of course, true in many cases of helping men also, but as many men share a love of high risk endeavors outside of the family, efficiency is less certain. There is also the fact that, in many areas, much empowering is needed to have women stand on equal footing with men.

Satavisha believes in the idea of self-dependency, giving women an opportunity to support themselves.

Satavisha is a safe haven and a home to those who are distressed and those with the capacity to offer guidance and help to others.